How to Make Your Relationship Thrive

When thinking of ways to improve your relationship, so that it can grow in a healthy way, you will find that what works for you as a couple may not work for the next couple. Relationships are diverse and unique. In my blog post on Self Care and Your Relationship, I pointed out how the [...]

5 Tips for Relationship Self-care

When you are feeling burnt-out, low on energy, and that you and your partner are not spending enough quality time together, it could be a sign that you need to pay more attention to self-care in your relationship. If you missed my post on Self-care and Your Relationship, read the following extract for instant guidance [...]

Earth Day 2016 – Plant your Relationship Vision

Happy Earth Day Nature lovers! Earth Day has been celebrated on April 22nd since 1970 in America, and by the 1990s had become a global movement. As we move towards the 50th anniversary of Earth Day, one of the aims of the Earth Day Network ( is to plant a further 7.8 billion trees by [...]

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5 Signs You Need Self-Care in Your Relationship

We all find that we're so busy these days that it can be hard to recognise when our relationship needs a little TLC. Which is such a shame when we think about the fact that in Nature, animals and plants are completely in tune with their needs at all times. For those of you who didn't [...]

Why aren’t you giving each other enough time? In this video I talk about the most valuable gift you can give to your partner - TIME. I discuss why you're not giving each other enough time, and how my Four Seasons Relationship Course can help you to make time together to reconnect through Nature. And because the course provides you with [...]

Self-care and your relationship I have a guilty confession to make....... I’ve come away to a day spa.  It’s not something I would normally do, and to be honest with you, I’ve really enjoyed it! It has been so relaxing to get away from it all for a few hours and have nothing to worry about other [...]