Why The Small Things Matter

Often, when couples ask me for help with the communication in their relationships, they tend to want answers to the bigger issues; how to resolve conflict compassionately, how to say how they feel without upsetting each-other, how to understand the underlying reasons for the conflict between them, how to express things that are bothering them to each other when they struggle to [...]

A Couples’ Journey – Mike and Lisa; Part 1

Mike* and Lisa* felt trapped. The communication between them had broken down so much that when they weren't arguing, they weren't talking at all. Mike felt that Lisa had completely "checked out" of the relationship. Lisa felt that Mike was too controlling and that she had lost her individuality. There had been no intimacy in the [...]

Are You a Confident Communicator?

I was reflecting this morning on how often couples say that they don't feel confident in communicating with each other - particularly about issues that bother them. I commonly hear couples say that if they were to say how they really felt, or if they were to try to sit down and discuss a problem, an argument or [...]

Tired of Always Having the Same Argument?

Yesterday evening I was sitting in my conservatory, looking out into the garden with a quiet sense of amazement about how quickly things grow and bloom with the right conditions. It feels like the sun has only just shown itself here in the UK and already, dormant flowers and plants have exploded almost overnight! The first butterflies [...]

Are You Listening, or Interpreting?

Imagine your relationship as a continual journey, across beautiful and yet sometimes treacherous terrain, that you both need to navigate. Imagine that you have the tools you need - one of you has the map and the other holds the compass. You both need to work as a team to get to where you want to go. But [...]

How To Navigate The Storms In Your Relationship

https://youtu.be/5f7zXfDKIIY A Relationship Coaching video on how to work well with your partner, when things outside the relationship create turbulence inside the relationship.

Relationship Misunderstandings and Why They Happen

When you look into a pool of water and see your own reflection looking back at you from the surface, you see your World as you know it. The image is familiar. When you taste your favourite food, perhaps you find it hard to understand why anyone wouldn't love it just as much as you. [...]

What Do You Want?

When we're single, we often have all sorts of ideas of the type of partner we are looking for on a conscious level. Some of us even have a "checklist" of essential qualities.  Sometimes these are physical and practical qualities (how they would look, what sort of job they would have, what their interests might [...]