Embrace and become stronger

I had a really powerful thought last night. I was thinking about how people - particularly couples - communicate during conflict. Often, we see people become very entrenched in their own viewpoint and defending that as being the "correct" way of thinking, regardless of the validity of other people's perspective, and sometimes even regardless of [...]

Be a Gardener in your Relationship

I wrote recently about my love of folk music, and how connected to Nature it seems to be. Last night I was privileged enough to see one of my favourite folk musicians - Christy Moore - play in a small venue in London - and to have front row seats! One of his new songs [...]

To hold – but not to grasp

Do you remember the last time you sat on a beach and scooped up some sand, noticing how fine, cool and smooth it feels? Did you notice that the more you tighten your grip around it, the more the sand starts to slip through your fingers? But that if you relax your grip, the sand [...]

Does every conflict have to have a solution?

Somebody asked me a really important question yesterday - "Does conflict in relationships always have to have a solution?" To answer that question, perhaps we should think about why conflict happens in the first place. I wrote a blog recently called "Relationship Misunderstandings and why they happen" (click HERE to read it). In the post [...]

Couples ask – “Why is being compassionate more important than being right?”

When was the last time you and your partner argued? How did you feel about it - before, during, after? How was it resolved? Was it resolved? When I ask couples these questions when they first come to see me, I often get a mixed response. Many will say that they both felt upset and [...]

Relationship Resilience – What Can Nature Teach Us?

In relationships, we can often feel very delicate or vulnerable. This is sometimes a natural consequence of being truly intimate with our partner. This can feel really tough sometimes because we are prone to feeling hurt. And yet as a Relationship Coach, I know that many relationships are very resilient despite that fragility. When both [...]

What are YOU prepared to do for your relationship?

Have you ever asked yourself this question? Try it now. Is it difficult for you to answer? Perhaps you are wondering what I mean? I often hear from couples who are dis-satisfied in their relationships, who find it easy to name the things they aren't happy with and want to change. Mostly, they focus on [...]

My Nature Journey – Are You Coming With Me?

Nature has always been important to me, for as long as I remember. It has been part of my life since I was a child. As far as my Dad was concerned, being in Nature was non-negotiable. When I was a child, my 12-year-old self at times resented the 6 mile, dusty walks around Normandy [...]

What about fun?

It's HOT today. For English weather, having a spell of hot days like this is a rare thing! Most of us adore the sun and the warmth - I know I do! I love the summer, the long days, the warmth (I am naturally ALWAYS cold), the fact that it is so much easier to [...]

Do opposites attract?

Sitting in my garden yesterday evening, I spent some time noticing all the natural examples of opposites around me. There were the opposite colours, with the red rose by my side, nestled among the green leaves, giving off it's gentle, heady scent released by the warm sun. The yellow and purple colours in the pansies. [...]