Want to achieve communion in your relationship?

Sometimes, we can feel disconnected from our partners. When that happens, it can feel as though they are coming from such a different place to us, that we struggle to understand them. It can seem as though they are a different species altogether. If I told you that turning to a plant or animal help [...]

How to gain perspective on your relationship

When we become concerned with issues in our relationships, it can feel as though they are all consuming. As though nothing else on this earth matters to us, and we lose the ability to see clearly because we are so enmeshed with our problems. And when we gaze up at the night sky, and see the [...]

Is this what it means to be vulnerable?

Yesterday, I came across a meadow. Expansive, it stretched out before me, inviting me in with it's delicate flowers, buzzing insects and long, rustling grass. As I admired the view, I felt drawn to it - to step in and walk among the grass, and sit and touch the beautiful flowers. And yet there was [...]

What are you trying to conquer in your relationship?

We all have obstacles to overcome in our relationships. Some bigger than others. But sometimes, it can feel like you have a mountain to climb. Your problems can feel too steep to traverse. The ground beneath your feet feels loose, jagged and unstable. The terrain unforgiving, and the weather unpredictable. Unprepared, It can feel dangerous, [...]

Is this why your partner withdraws?

Yesterday, I was on my evening walk in nature, when I came across a pond of exquisite waterlilies. Nearing dusk, they were starting to slowly fold inwards, ready to retreat back under the water as darkness fell. I thought about how, in the morning, they would all rise again towards the light, until once more back [...]

Stop! Now breathe…

Stop. Just for a moment. Go outside, ideally into Nature, somewhere quiet, where you won't be interrupted. Take a long, deep breath, in for 7 seconds, out for 11. Repeat three times. Now look around you. What can you see? Close your eyes. What can you hear, smell, taste? Rub each finger tip with your [...]

How do you cope with disappointment in your relationship?

How often have you yearned for the past lately, wishing that things could go back to the way they once were in your relationship? When things were new and exciting, and you were getting to know each other? When you both made huge efforts to make time for each other, and really paid attention to each [...]

Does Nature hold the secrets to a happy relationship?

Hello! If you are reading this, it is very possible that you are feeling somewhat disconnected from your partner, or at least feel as though you could be connecting more deeply, having a more intimate and fulfilling relationship. Am I right? Do you feel like you struggle to make time for each other, feeling exhausted at the [...]

Your Relationship Journey

To be in a relationship is like taking a lifelong journey together into the wilderness. The terrain constantly changes. There will be peaks and troughs. From the peaks, you will be able to take in the vast beautiful scenery, and it will be easier to see the whole landscape in panorama, with a sense of [...]

Is this the key to intimacy?

Sometimes, the reasons for a lack of intimacy in a relationship can run deeper than you might realise, and have many layers. This blog post explores this common couples issue, and the possible reasons, through a case study.   "When did you last relax?" That's what I asked Sarah* and Phillip* recently, a couple who were [...]