Time to Breach!

Sometimes, we mistake the familiar with the secure. Just because you become used to the environment around you, doesn't mean it's the optimal environment. It doesn't even mean it's a healthy environment! The same can be said of relationships. I have known many couples stay in situations that are far less than satisfactory in their [...]

How balance can heal your relationship

There are examples throughout nature demonstrating the presence of balance - opposite colours existing together (red berries on green leaves, orange and blue sunsets), the period of calm after the storm, night following day. The more you look around you, the more you realise the importance of balance in nature, and how, as with Summer [...]

What volcanoes teach us about volatility

There's something unsettling about volcanoes. The fact that they could erupt at any time without warning, despite our best efforts to predict them. When they do erupt, the results can be devastating. Whole towns can, and have, been wiped out. And yet, there is something exciting and awe-inspiring about them too. Their sheer force is [...]

Don’t ignore your instincts!

Think of the way a lioness stalks, how a deer freezes in the distance, or how a dog always seems to sense your arrival long before you arrive home. Instincts are amazing, powerful, and life-saving. As human beings with an observing self, we have learned to appropriately suppress certain instincts and desires, in order to [...]

The fog of confusion

Sometimes, your relationship can feel like it is shrouded in a thick fog. You can feel lost, confused, and unable to see or think clearly. This confusion, the "not knowing", can feel uncomfortable, frustrating, or even frightening. Not knowing what the problem is, not knowing how to manage the problem, and not knowing how, or [...]

How to manage change in your relationship

Clouds connect us to Nature through our imagination. I remember lying on the ground when I was young, and gazing upwards on a summer day, watching the fluffy white clouds constantly changing shape against the deep blue sky. When we do this we see what we want to see in them - animals, people, objects [...]

What the moon teaches us about conflict

I have always been fascinated by the moon. How its cycle length matches a woman's. How, when I was nursing in hospitals, patients' behaviour would often change and become erratic during a full moon (this is true, ask any nurse!). The moon seems to have such influence over us. And if the moon controls the [...]

When conflict is a blessing!

I adore rainbows! I saw one yesterday, after rainfall. The colours were even more vibrant than usual as they stood out against the dark grey cloud behind it. We often see rainbows after a storm, brought out by the sunlight that breaks through the clouds. They appear like a celebration of the storm having passed, [...]

What do you keep hidden from your partner?

Ninety percent of what makes up an iceberg is submerged underwater and out of sight. Sometimes we are like icebergs. We too can keep an enormous amount of ourselves suppressed, whether that's our emotions, our ambitions, our hopes, or our dreams. We tend to suppress them through fear, guilt, or shame. Fear of how our [...]

What is your relationship with power?

I want you to try something for me. With out over-thinking, try to answer these questions:- What do you think of when you hear the word "power "? What is your gut reaction? Do you consider power to be a good or a bad thing in your relationship? In general? What about when I tell [...]