Happy Samhain!

Today is the Celtic festival of Samhain, which we now more commonly refer to as Halloween. I’ve recently been reflecting on the deep respect that our ancestors had for Nature, and how the gifts of Nature were never taken for granted. This was particularly reflected in the many different rituals associated with Samhain. Marking the [...]

Do YOU need to change?

So often when I see couples for relationship coaching, whatever the issues are, and however much they disagree with each other, both partners tend to have one goal in common: – They each want their partner to change. "I want him to listen more" "I want her to be more rational" "I want her to [...]

The Gift of Receiving

When I think about the gifts that Mother Nature gives us, I feel immensely grateful. To be able to walk in the early morning mist at this time of year, to see the dew drops on the cobwebs and grass, and see the watery sun breaking through the tree canopy to light up the autumn leaves [...]

Activate your relationship!

This morning, as I was walking up a steep hill, walking against a blustery, Autumn wind, I was thinking about how Nature really activates our senses. I could smell the damp earth and leaves, feel the crunch of conkers underfoot and the cold wind on my face, hear the wind rustling in the trees, and [...]

Can the darker, colder days be good for your relationship?

It's a known fact that sunlight lifts our mood for a number of reasons, including boosting our production of serotonin – the "feel-good" hormone. There is also a sense in the Summer that the longer days and lighter evenings give us more space, more time to get things done, and therefore more free time to [...]

Solitude or attachment?

Anyone who knows me will know that barn owls are one of my favourite animals. I've always held a fascination for them, since I was very small, when I would see them during my woodland walks. Even now, when I see them at dusk, swooping down from the trees silently as if out of nowhere, [...]

Nature or Nurture?

Tending to our gardens or plants, and watching them flourish under the right conditions, can remind us that as part of Nature too, we are all products of our environment. Both Nature and nurture play a huge role in how we view and respond to relationships with our partners when we reach adulthood. If we [...]

A grounded relationship

One of the things I love about trees is how grounded they are. They are always growing and expanding, striving to wards the light. And rather than allowing that constant reaching upwards to unbalance them, they allow their roots to grow at the same time, anchoring them even more to the Earth. Their growth is [...]

Why you should let your relationship breathe….

Nature is creative. It's always finding a way around challenges and obstacles, effortlessly forging new paths and landscapes as it goes. As part of Nature, you also have it in you to be effortlessly creative. But when you focus too hard on a problem or a desired outcome, you can sometimes stifle your creative ability [...]

Can conflict ever feel effortless?

When you're in conflict with your partner, it can feel like hard work. When you each have different feelings or opinions about something, you can push against each other, going round and round in circles, repeating the same conflict cycles. Ultimately, you can feel stuck. Why? It's because you're both resisting. But have you ever looked at [...]