The synergy of love!

Synergy: "The interaction or cooperation of two or more organizations, substances, or other agents to produce a combined effect greater than the sum of their separate effects" Oxford English Dictionary Synergy is everywhere in Nature. For example, a bee gets its food from a flower's nectar and the nectar is fertilized by pollen carried by the [...]

Higher Ground

When you're so enmeshed in your relationship problems, it can be really hard to see things clearly. You can feel overwhelmed by your emotions, unable to think straight, and unable to make sense of how you feel, let alone express that skilfully to your partner in a way that avoids upset and hurt feelings. Sometimes, [...]

7 Signs You’re Headed for Divorce

Sometimes it can be difficult to tell whether your relationship is just experiencing a "blip", or whether there are more serious underlying issues that need resolving. The thing about conflict is that it is part of a Natural process, an inevitability. But it's how it's handled, and how you treat each other that makes all [...]

It’s not all black and white…

"When I'm right, I won't back down". "If what she's saying isn't logical then I'll tell her she's wrong". "I'll never change, that's just the way I am". These are just some of the things that people have said to me during their Relationship Coaching sessions. And yet they wonder why the relationship is suffering! [...]

Be spontaneous!

Nature loves variety - as they say, variety is the spice of life! And one way of maintaining variety in our relationships is to be spontaneous. It's all to easy to become overwhelmed with tasks and stress and commitments, and we can easily forget what it means to actually have fun by trying something different [...]

There’s always hope!

Sometimes, when things get on top of us, and we're struggling with our relationships, it can feel hopeless - particularly at this time of year, when I always see a surge of new referrals for Relationship Coaching. Why? Well, at this time of year, many people struggle with their mood, and find it difficult to [...]

Love is a verb

Nature is constantly moving - it grows, changes, transforms, flows, vibrates, transitions, erupts, collides. It is always active. Small, sometimes undecipherable or undetectable communications occur, at an atomic level, to initiate movement. Did you know, for example, that despite being in a state of bliss and safety in the womb, it is the unborn baby [...]

Open yourself up to love!

All too often, we focus on what needs to happen, and don't seem to notice or pay attention to the gifts of Nature all around us. We can take them for granted. Just like we miss the sunset because we are busily making our way home on a packed train, or forget to go outside [...]

Time to shed

As the last leaves continue to fall from the trees, their branches left exposed to the elements, the landscape looks barren, exposed and vulnerable. And yet, just as a snake sheds its skin, this process  is necessary for the renewal that will follow in the spring. So as the days draw in, cast your thoughts [...]

Feeling helpless? Then you MUST read this!

With the recent US election results, many people are feeling very disappointed, because they did not get the result they wanted. There is a lot of disharmony between friends, family members and strangers who do not share the same political opinions or values. For those who did not get the result they wanted, there are [...]