Are you listening?

I was thinking this morning about how often couples complain to me that they don’t feel listened to by their partners.

I was on my usual morning walk with my dog Theo, and noticed how still and silent it was whilst I was walking through the fields. I took the time to tune in to the sounds around me, and notice the 3 different types of birdsong in the trees overhead, the passing hum of a bee, the rustle of the leaves in the trees, the rushing water of a nearby stream.

And it got me reflecting on how we miss so much beauty if we don’t take the time to really listen.

Couples stop listening to each other for all sorts of reasons. Particularly if things have reached boiling point.

Have you ever been arguing with your partner, only to find that rather than listening to what they are saying, you are just formulating what you are going to say back the minute they have stopped talking? If you find yourself doing that, I would be willing to bet your partner is doing the same.

The result? Two people who are just talking or shouting at each other.

Which means that no communication is taking place at all.

All that wasted energy which is going nowhere!

So I leave you with this thought today:-

If you really listen, no matter how difficult it might feel, you can learn more about your partner.

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