Are you respected?

Whether we like to admit it or not, we all like, need, to be respected by others.

This isn’t necessarily linked to having an inflated ego. It’s a very basic and important human desire. It helps us to feel worthwhile. That we are recognised for our contribution at work, within society, amongst friends and family.

In a relationship, it’s really important that we feel respected by our partners. That we feel we have an important role in our own family.

When we don’t receive respect from our partners, we don’t feel valued by them.

And we need to be able to give our partner respect too. It’s the basis of civilised, effective communication. It demonstrates to our children how we should treat others.

Consider the following in the context of your own relationship:-

  • Do you feel respected by your partner?
  • How does your partner show that they value you?
  • Do you value your partner’s contribution to the relationship?

Listening to what your partner has to say, acknowledging the validity in what they are saying, and meeting their reasonable requests, are all ways to demonstrate your respect for them.

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