Are you running for shelter?

As we move into Winter, we notice how frequently it rains. It can take the form of a light drizzle, a fine mist, or a sudden deluge leading us to run for shelter under a tree or doorway.

So many of us feel low in mood when it rains.

Not me – I love the rain!

I think of it as a time of purification. 

The air feels so much fresher after a rainstorm. The damp Earth is so much more fragrant after the rain. The colours in the trees and grass are so much brighter.

Sometimes we need to purify ourselves in order to be fully present in our relationships.

We need to be prepared to purify our minds – that is, to consider whether we have any limiting beliefs or patterns of thinking that are causing barriers in our relationships. For example, do you sometimes feel convinced that you are right and your partner is wrong, and struggle to see things from their point of view? If so, perhaps  you would benefit from really taking the time to listen to your partner’s perspective, trying to put yourself in their shoes, and step over into their world for a while.

Sometimes we need to purify our hearts – that is, to honour any feelings of hurt and really allow ourselves to express our emotions to our partners. Have you been hurt by your partner in the past? Do you struggle to move on from this? If so, perhaps it is important for you to be prepared to forgive your partner for past hurt, so that you can move forward together even stronger than before.

So next time it rains, rather than running for shelter, move into it! Stand under the downpour, and accept it fully. Welcome it as you would standing under your shower, feeling every raindrop and allowing it to purify your body.

And next time you experience difficulty in your relationship, don’t run for shelter and withdraw. Try moving towards your partner, welcoming all the confusing emotions, and immersing yourself in your relationship in order to address and honour them.

Struggling to overcome obstacles in your relationship, to fully immerse yourself in your issues in order to resolve them? Perhaps you find yourself running for shelter instead? If so, then my Oak Tree Coaching Package for Couples could be exactly what you need!  Designed for couples who are in established, committed relationships, the Oak Tree Package is a 6-phase coaching programme which helps you and your partner to review and celebrate your relationship, honouring any significant milestones or challenges that you have faced, and imagine what the future might hold. Comprised of modules based on 3 roots and 3 branches essential to healthy relationships, you will learn how to create or renew your relationship vision, plant the seeds for the vision to grow roots, and how to tend to your relationship so that it can grow as healthy and strong as any Great Oak. And it can take place online or in person!

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