Are you struggling with conflict in your relationship?

If you’ve been struggling with conflict in your relationship recently, like lots of couples, you can get to a point where you just stop bringing up/talking about your issues. You’re just so tired, exhausted even, and can’t just keep having the same argument, stuck in the same loop, over and over again, with no resolution. Of course you can’t go on like that! It’s soul-destroying, and it sucks the life out of your relationship.

But so does avoidance.

Just because you haven’t argued, that alone doesn’t mean you’re making progress.

What if things have been peaceful just because you’re avoiding conflict?

What isn’t being acknowledged? What isn’t being said? What have you been avoiding?

You might agree that giving each other space , by make discussions of the issue “off-limits” for a while, taking time-out, resting and reflecting. In fact that’s actually very sensible.

For a while.

But if that’s not followed up with a frank and open discussion about the issue, and the way round it, you just stay stuck. It takes up  almost as much energy to avoid or skirt around issues, while resentments build up and get pushed back down. It may be a different kind of stuckness, one that doesn’t feel so contentious.

But you’re still stuck nonetheless.

The unhealed wound festers away underneath, never aerating and healing, until one day, one of you blows, and it all comes out in far-from ideal ways: shouting, crying, insults, door-slamming, resentment, anger, rage, sadness, resignation.

You are part of Nature, and Nature moves through cycles. It can’t afford to get stuck, because when it does, things die. That’s why being stuck in your relationship can feel so frustrating – it’ s un-natural.

It’s all very well to suggest that you shouldn’t avoid conflict in your relationship, that you should face your issues and try to actively resolve them with your partner – respectfully, empathically, compassionately.

But how? After all, you haven’t been managing to do that so far, am I right?

Well, my Compassionate Conflict for Couples course will help you do just that!

Compassionate Conflict for Couples is my best-selling E-Course Giving You the Exact Steps You Need to Resolve Conflict Effectively, Calmly and Lovingly, Without Arguing!

Complete this course over 4 Weeks and go from hurt, frustration and blame, to FINALLY resolving conflict compassionately, positively, and feeling heard – without feeling like you have both lost a battle.

Pay in one up-front payment of £99 and you’ll receive everything over video, recording, download, worksheets and exercises.

 And as an extra special offer – the first 10 people to sign up for the course will receive the additional EXTRA course BONUS: a FREE 30 minute 1:1 coaching call with me, either during or on completion of the course! 

This will give you the opportunity to ask any questions that you have about the skills and techniques learned in the course with an expert Relationship Coach!

The NUMBER ONE issue that couples come to me with, is the inability to resolve conflict effectively. All too often, they complain that they simply cannot tackle disagreement without things escalating quickly into a blazing row, with both of them going into “attack” and “defense” mode.

Does this sound familiar?

Couple post argument

You try to have balanced discussions with your partner, only to come away feeling wounded

You feel frustrated that you can’t get your point across as well as you would like

You are both fed-up with not being heard

You have tried over and over again to resolve this by yourselves but feel like you are getting nowhere and are in need of guidance and advice from an expert

Often, once you get to this stage, it’s common to fear that too much damage has been done, or worry that once you have let communication drift for so long that you won’t be able to reconnect. These fears certainly aren’t unfounded. Left unattended to, or continually handled badly, I have known conflict to cause a lot of damage in relationships over the years.

I have helped hundreds of couples in this situation, helping them deal with these exact issues all the time, every day, day-in, day-out.

This course is perfect for you if:-

  • You want to break the cycle of negative communication
  • You have a genuine desire to make positive changes in your relationship
  • You are willing to listen to your partner as much as they are willing to listen to you
  • You are committed to putting in the work necessary to create harmony in your relationship

What’s included?

Module 1 – Understanding Triggers

You will understand:-

  • How to recognise what triggers you into feeling upset or angry
  • How to recognise what triggers your partner into feeling upset or angry
  • How to understand and take responsibility for your own emotions
  • Understanding your relationship conflict patterns
  • How to work out exactly what you both want to be different

Module 2 – Why Things Escalate

You will learn:-

  • What happens in your body when you become emotionally aroused
  • Why this means you can’t think straight or communicate clearly during an argument
  • Why it is impossible for you and your partner to listen to each other when you are both emotionally aroused
  • Why you go into “black and white” thinking and each think you are right and your partner is wrong

Module 3 – How to De-escalate

You will know:-

  • How to prevent an argument
  • Specific techniques to lower emotional arousal and therefore think more clearly
  • How to create a contingency plan for your relationship
  • How to stop an argument once it has started without either of you “storming out” or shutting the other one down

Module 4 – Effective Communication

You will gain:-

  • The exact tools and techniques needed to deliver your message kindly and without negativity, whilst still getting your message across
  • How to be honest with your partner about your feelings, without them feeling attacked
  • How to listen to each other without interrupting or becoming defensive
  • The key principles of effective and positive communication

Couple Talking

There is so much high-value content in this course that if you follow it and commit to the exercises and challenges, it can transform your relationship!

In this course, you get at least 8 hours’ worth of coaching and content that, if you saw me on a 1:1 basis, would normally cost £960 – at only £99!

And what’s more, you can keep these skills for life, and repeat the course whenever you need to.

And I know that these techniques work, because I coach couples using these exact techniques every day, with amazing results.

This course is not for you if:-

  • You aren’t BOTH committed to making positive changes in your relationship
  • You aren’t BOTH prepared to put the time in
  • You aren’t BOTH prepared to take responsibility for your part in conflict
  • There is violence/a history of violence in your relationship

As a Relationship Coach, and as a qualified Couples Therapist, I have spent thousands of hours with couples over the years, helping them to gain the confidence to deal with conflict  so effectively that they no longer even view conflict as a bad thing, rather, an opportunity for GROWTH.

Some couples of course decide to continue going it alone, not seeking the help they need to resolve conflict effectively, repeating the same patterns over and over again and feeling hurt, confused and resentful. However most couples who do decide to seek the help of an expert to help guide them through these challenges, often come out stronger as a result.

Pay in one up-front payment of just £99 and you’ll receive everything over video, recording, download, worksheets and exercises.

But hurry – sign up now to secure your Top 10 Bonus 1:1 Coaching Call with Me, as once the spaces are gone, they’re gone!

All you have to do is click on the button to BUY NOW and go from fear of conflict to calm and confident in just 4 modules!


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