Are you switched on enough to switch off?

Tonight is Earth Hour, so between 8;30pm and 9:30pm in the UK we are asked to switch off anything electrical in order to promote greater environmental awareness. In the video above, I didn’t record this during Earth Hour. That’s because it’s St Patrick’s week, and so during Earth Hour tonight I will be playing a gig with my folk band.

But I did do it – and that’s the point I wanted to make.

Earth Hour is a great idea – not just because it raises environmental awareness, but because it actually encourages us to switch off for an hour.

It’s something we hardly ever do these days, having become dependent on our smartphones, iPads, computers, TVs, etc etc.

I remember when I was a child I used to love power cuts – in fact, we seemed to have them all the time! I find myself missing them now. We would be unable to watch TV so instead we would scavenge around to find candles and torches, sit there in the dark, just talking, not knowing when the power would come back on. Looking out of the window and down the road, silent and unlit – unspoiled – by the glare of orange streetlamps.

It was romantic and exciting!

We would just start to settle in to being “back-to-basics”, at the mercy of the Earth’s night time darkness, our eyes adjusting to the serene tranquility of the moonlight.

Feeling reconnected with the Earth.

And then BANG!  The intrusive whirring noise and sudden jarring flash of everything turning back on, which would always feel disappointing.

So I want to set a challenge for both myself and for you.

Let’s not wait for Earth Hour, or a power cut, to switch off!

Let’s commit to spending one hour every week, with our partners and/or families, to just switch everything off, and sit in the dark and candlelight, just talking, being intimate, or doing whatever else you want to do to reconnect. No distractions. Reflect on what you would normally be doing instead during that hour.

Disconnect from technology and reconnect with your partner. TWEET THIS

So, happy Earth Hour everybody!

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