Be a Gardener in your Relationship

I wrote recently about my love of folk music, and how connected to Nature it seems to be.

Last night I was privileged enough to see one of my favourite folk musicians – Christy Moore – play in a small venue in London – and to have front row seats!

One of his new songs was called The Gardener, and I was so struck by it, how much it resonated with me, and how it perfectly represents my absolute belief about relationships. I downloaded it this morning and listened to it over and over again, writing down the lyrics so that I could share them with you. (The song is available on iTunes along with his new album – Lily – well worth a listen).

Here they are:-

The Gardener – Christy Moore

The gardener rises with the sun,
He knows there’s work to be done,
And the reason for every season.

He knows when to dig in deep,

When to sew and when to reap,

That everything begins in spring,
He makes his bed with care
And sows his seed with love.

The Gardner has a tale to tell,

Feed the ground and water well,
Planting out, he’ll face the south,
He is the patient one,

Mother Nature’s loving son.

The robin is a friend of his,

And when the day is done,

He will smile and say,
Wait till summer comes.

And summer comes,

And then we’ll see just what he’s done,
When blooms are there with colour, 

Blossom in the sun, 

The signs of all his care and effort are displayed,

And all his time and patience is repaid.

The gardener rises with the sun,

He knows there’s work to be done,
And the reason for every season.

And the reason for every season.

I often compare relationships with gardens. They require care and attention, and to maintain them takes work, commitment, time and patience every day, so that you can reap the rewards.

If you allow Nature to inspire you to be a Gardener in your relationship, you can feel your relationship thrive.
Your Nature-Inspired Relationship Coach,
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