Be your best self to transform your relationship!

Is your relationship the best it can be right now? Or is there room for improvement? Are there things you’re really unhappy with?

When things aren’t going as you would like in your relationship, it can be easy to blame your partner, and to focus on all their failings.

But before you pass the buck, take a moment to honestly ask yourself these questions: –

• How am I feeling right now?
• Am I happy in all other areas of my life?
• Am I under stress?
• Am I really taking control of my life?
• Am I achieving everything that’s important to me?

Sometimes, when we don’t feel we’re at our best, or achieving our full potential, we think it’s our partner’s job to fulfill these needs, or fill those gaps. Often without even realising it, we try to pass responsibility on to them.

But to do that is letting ourselves off the hook, when what really needs to change is us!

You have more control than you think you do, and only you can take responsibility for becoming your best self.

So think about what you need to do in order to meet your own unmet needs. Is it to book yourself onto that cookery course, join the gym and actually attend, or spend more time with friends and family? Then think about how your partner can support you in achieving those aims, such as looking after the kids, making dinner for you that night, or giving you a lift somewhere.

Because a happy you = a happy partner = a healthy relationship.

You can only achieve your best relationship if you strive to be your best self. That includes always asking yourself – “What can I do today to improve my relationship and make my partner happy?”

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