Before You Rush to the Boxing Day Sales……

The latest sale is ON! Now is the PERFECT time to buy that new sofa.

Have you changed your mattress in the last 8 years? NO? Well you’d better get to it!

But HURRY. The stocks won’t last!

The adverts have already been running like this for at least a week, and now it’s Boxing Day, they’ve really ramped up. Telling us how to prioritise our precious time off with our loved ones.

Not that there’s anything wrong with picking up a bargain in the sale, especially if you genuinely need a new mattress/sofa/TV/blender etc.

But a frustration for me is how Boxing Day seems to have lost its meaning.

Traditionally, it started in the Middle Ages, when people would donate money/gifts into alms boxes to donate to the poor. It’s also said that servants, who had worked tirelessly all Christmas, were given a well-deserved day off to spend time with their families. The Christmas Carol, Good King Wenceslas, was set in boxing day, about a King making his way to a poor family to bring them food and provisions in the depths of Winter.

When did Boxing Day stop being about connecting with and caring for each-other, and become about things?

It seems to be part of a wider issue surrounding modern society, where we have become used to spending the best part of our days and weeks and years working in buildings, surrounded by concrete and steel, glued to screens, and becoming less and less connected to our loved ones – including our partners. We are becoming less and less connected with Nature, and therefore ourselves, and each-other, as a result.

It’s no wonder the couples I see for Relationship Coaching are struggling more and more with finding a deeper connection, or failing to communicate effectively.

The pressure and urgency surrounding Boxing Day sales for me are just another symptom of that disconnection.

So, before you rush off to spend your Boxing Day in a traffic jam or trying desperately to find a parking space, think about what’s really important to you. Focus on the things that really matter – your health, your relationships, your partner.

You’llĀ find more connection going for a romantic walk in Nature with your partner than you will in B&Q.

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Deepening your connection with Nature.

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