Catch your breath!

The other morning, when I was out walking in Nature, I came across a pond. The weather hadn’t quite turned wintry. The air temperature felt fairly warm around me even though it was early morning. There was hardly a ripple on the surface of the pond. The trees around the edge of the water were still. It was quiet and peaceful.

It felt as though, knowing that winter was on its way, Nature was taking a moment to catch its breath before its full transition into a new season.

Sometimes it’s really important for you to take a quiet moment to pause, reconnect with your body, reconnect with the environment around you, and catch your breath.

The onset of winter can be a really good time to do this, as the dark evenings coax us to move inside our homes and nest down earlier, where in turn we can look inwards at ourselves and reflect.

This can be really stabilising.

Once you feel stable within yourself, you can be a more stable partner, and feel more stable within your relationship. You are then in a really good place to reflect on your relationship environment.

  • Think about whether there are any unspoken issues between you and your partner.
  • Consider if you have the energy to tackle these.
  • Think about what you want to say, and how you could say it in a way that your partner would be receptive to hearing it.
  • Think about what works well in your relationship and express gratitude to your partner for everything they do that makes you happy.

Re-charging, and taking stock in this way, can help you to better manage any transitions in your relationship, and help you to prepare for, and look forward to, the challenge of Winter ahead.

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