Do you feel “at home” in your relationship?

They say moving house is one of the most stressful things you can do in life. Having moved house this weekend, I have to say I agree!

At times like this, the strain on a relationship can definitely be amplified. The sheer amount of “stuff” accumulated over the years that need to be sorted through, the practical arrangements that need to be made before even begin packing, the logistics, the van hire, the umpteen runs to and from the old and new house (no, I didn’t hire a removals company, and yes, I should have!), and the list goes on and on. Had we not had the help of a very dear friend (you know who you are!) I’m not sure how we would have managed it at all!

But practicalities aside, there’s a deeper layer of unrest and stress caused by a house move.

And that is, just how unsettled it can make you feel.

That awkward and un-anchored feeling of being “betwixt and between” and not quite settled in the new home, whilst mourning the loss of the old home with all its fond memories and hopes and dreams.

One of the most important emotional needs we have is the need for security, of having a secure base. Without this it’s virtually impossible for us to have any of our other needs met, because we feel unsafe. In Nature, without a nest or a cave to retreat to, we would have been vulnerable and exposed, and constantly worried about being eaten. Your home¬†is your secure base.

However, your relationship also has to be your secure base. As you and your partner move towards each other and settle in to your relationship over time, you know that they are the person you can come home to every day, physically and emotionally.

Do you feel at home in your relationship? Do you feel secure and safe on an emotional level?

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