Does Nature hold the secrets to a happy relationship?


If you are reading this, it is very possible that you are feeling somewhat disconnected from your partner, or at least feel as though you could be connecting more deeply, having a more intimate and fulfilling relationship.

Am I right?

Do you feel like you struggle to make time for each other, feeling exhausted at the end of the day? Do you crave more intimacy from your partner? Perhaps you’ve forgotten what it’s like to really relax and have fun together? These are just some of the most common issues that couples face, before they come to see me.

Krystal Woodbridge Relationship CoachAs a Nature-inspired Relationship Coach, I can help you to deepen your connection with your partner, through the spirit of Nature!

The way we live our modern lives has meant that we have become more and more disconnected from Nature, and therefore with ourselves, and therefore with our partners. But we are all part of Nature, not separate from it! And as part of Nature, we need to be immersed in it to stay happy and healthy!

After all, a tree can’t exist without its environment, and the environment can’t exist without the tree. I can show you how to reconnect with yourself, and your partner, through reconnecting with Nature.

Nature has natural laws and principles that can be directly applied to our relationships. It contains attractions which hold it together and sustain it in balance. Just think about the conditions needed for a plant to grow – the right quantities of soil, light, water. What is a relationship if it is not an attraction between people which brings them together and holds them in balance?

Nature is constantly transforming and growing, and just as conflict is an inevitable part of that growth, I believe that conflict is an inevitable and natural part of a relationship.

There is so much wisdom in Nature, and as part of Nature ourselves, we have that wisdom within us too!

But, unlike many coaches, I cannot, and will not, promise you any magic or secret formulas, or any “quick fixes” for a long and happy marriage or relationship.

The strongest and healthiest relationships simply don’t work like that.

Yes, I can give you the tools to manage a crisis and move beyond an obstacle. And of course I will be there to help you navigate the inevitable storms that will pass through. In fact, my methods for helping you in times of difficulty are extremely powerful.

But I also I help you to move far beyond that.

Because beautiful landscapes are sewn and cultivated and harvested over time, in cycles.

To be in a relationship is like taking a lifelong journey together into the wilderness. And because a relationship is all about the journey and not about the destination, there are no shortcuts.

If you invite me on to your journey with you, we’ll take the scenic route. And the beauty that you’ll discover together along the way will be worth it. The depths you will reach will be greater. Your bond will be stronger. The longevity of your relationship established.

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Deepening your connection through the spirit of Nature 🙂

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