How do you cope with pressure in your relationship?

At a time of year when flooding is rife, I’ve been thinking about how the build-up of pressure in relationships can have very similar consequences.

Couples leave issues to build up, not attending to their own feelings such as resentment, frustration, hurt, anger, and not communicating these with each-other.

When this happens, the pressure builds in the relationship, often leading to a huge rift. The relationship bursts its banks, and all of the emotions spill out, flooding the relationship.

When I see couples who’ve reached a crisis point, they often describe a feeling of overwhelm, as though they are drowning in the issues in the relationship, with no clear life raft to cling to.

So what is it that lead the relationship to get to this stage? Why is it that the pressure is allowed to build and build, leading to this relationship “state of emergency”?

It basically comes down to open and honest communication. When you’re feeling dissatisfied in an area of your relationship, you have two main choices. You can either keep your feelings to yourself, allowing them to build up inside of you, resenting your partner for not understanding you or knowing how you feel, (even though you haven’t told them!).

Or, you can discuss your feelings with your partner in a loving, compassionate way, facing the issues when they are still small, preventing them from building up and getting bigger.

Whichever approach you take, pressure in your relationship can either drive you further apart, or bring you closer together.

Which do you choose?

Of course, it’s not always easy to communicate and deal with difficult emotions in your relationship effectively. That’s the nature of being human – relationships can be tough at times! It can be really difficult to explain how you’re feeling, and really have your partner understand this.

If you feel that you’re not communicating effectively in your relationship, and are noticing the pressure and tension building, Relationship Coaching can be of enormous benefit. If you’d like my help and guidance through the storm, just contact me by clicking the link below, and leave me a  message.

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