How to adapt in your relationship

As I was walking this morning, cold wind blowing all around me, I watched the birds sitting in the hedgerows, huddled down with fluffed-up feathers. I saw the squirrels busily scurrying around, collecting and hiding nuts. And I reflected on how Nature protects itself from the colder, harsher elements of Winter.

Animals hibernate, migrate, or adapt.

When we run into relationship challenges, we sometimes react in similar ways. Some of us withdraw into ourselves, shutting our partner out and not communicating. Some of us simply leave or walk out, looking for a warmer, easier climate.

But the secret to maintaining a robust relationship is to face these challenges and adapt to them.

This means learning how to protect yourselves from the potentially harsher elements of conflict, whilst also responding to each other to meet each other’s relationship needs in the face of adversity. This creates a warmer, richer relationship environment that you can both take shelter in.

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Deepening your connection with Nature.

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