How to Make Your Relationship Thrive

When thinking of ways to improve your relationship, so that it can grow in a healthy way, you will find that what works for you as a couple may not work for the next couple. Relationships are diverse and unique.

In my blog post on Self Care and Your Relationship, I pointed out how the needs of a cactus are very different from the needs of a rose, for example. It will need different amounts of light, a different type of soil, different placement in the house. It’s proximity to other plants will also be different. Some plants thrive when they are surrounded by other plants and other plants need more a more solitary environment for them to thrive.

So for those of you who haven’t read the blog post, or for those of you who have but are in need of a little reminder, I wanted to re-share the following exercise to get you and your partner back on track:-

Each ask yourselves the following questions:-

  • If you were a plant in a garden centre, what would your care label say? What do you need in order to thrive?
  • Share your answers with your partner, and then think about what the label would say if your relationship were the plant.

Good luck and please feel free to share in the comments below what you discovered about your self-care needs, if you think it would be helpful to others!

Take care for now!

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