How’s the health of your relationship?

Today marks the beginning of the last working week before the Christmas break. How are you feeling?

For myself, I’m noticing how everyone seems to be under a lot of stress and pressure to make sure they get everything done in time for Christmas, and it seems that me and everyone around me also seems to have fallen victim to various colds and sickness bugs. This isn’t a coincidence!

The more stress we’re under, the more our immunity is compromised and therefore our health suffers.

Which leads me to ask, how is the health of your relationship right now? Are the stresses and strains starting to take their toll on your relationship with your partner too?

For example, do you feel like you’re the one left to make the family plans, organise everything, make all the preparations, manage complicated family dynamics? Do you feel you’re being supported by your partner?

If so, one of the most important things to do for the health of your relationship is to communicate with your partner. More specifically than that, you need to tell them what you want and need.

Need more support? Ask for it.

Need practical help? Ask for it.

Need time with your partner to just offload? Ask for it.

Be as specific as possible.


Don’t just try to do it all yourself, and then resent your partner for not helping or not being able to guess why you’re stressed and flustered. They might have no idea what you have on your plate, or why certain things are so important to you.

If you were both out walking on a mountain trail, with your partner navigating, and suddenly got caught in a snowstorm, wouldn’t you need clearer instructions from your partner? Wouldn’t you become frustrated and angry if they expected you to know what direction to take, even though only they held the map and compass and wouldn’t share it with you?

It’s the same in your relationship. When things get difficult, you need to be more direct, to be a better communicator and to ask for what it is you need.

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