Is your relationship thriving?

Is your relationship thriving? Or are you doing “just enough” to keep it going?

I’ve been spending a lot of time in my garden recently. Planting bulbs, sewing seeds, weeding, watering. I noticed today that despite all my care and attention, some plants have been thriving less than others. They were fine, and still starting to shoot buds, still surviving and growing. But just not as well as the others. They weren’t thriving

I realised that all the plants on the left hand side of the garden were thriving less, becuase they aren’t getting as much sun as those on the right.

Relationships can work in similar ways. You can be functional, and do what you have to do day-by-day to get by.

You’re fine.

But you’re not thriving.

You need to pay attention, and notice when aspects of your relationship don’t give you joy.

I knew that by making certain adjustments, and moving some of those plants to the other side of the garden, into the warmth and light, they would get more of what they needed. So I made the adjustments necessary for those plants to thrive. And I’ll monitor them every day to make sure they get what they need.

Your relationship also needs warmth and light. Decide today what adjustments you need in order to allow it to thrive.

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