Let your inner child come out to play!

I wrote recently about the magic of nature, and how connected I was to it when I was a child. I was reminded of this recently, as I lay on the grass, making daisy chains. I hadn’t done this in years. I had forgotten the simple joy of doing something so elementary. It reminded me of a time when I had no cares in the world. No adult responsibilities, concerns or stresses to influence me and cloud my childhood innocence. At that time, I was free to just be myself, and to absorb the world around me with openness and curiosity.

I would let my fantasies and daydreams run wild, imagining that there were fairies living inside trees, the knots in the trunks being their front doors. That at midnight on Christmas Eve, animals would talk. And that there were magical worlds that we couldn’t see, but that if we were connected enough to Nature and built up her trust in us, she would show us the gateways where we could access these magical realms.

I sat with a couple recently who had been trying so very hard in their relationship. They wanted desperately to connect more deeply and enjoy greater intimacy.

As a result, they had put themselves under tremendous pressure, and it had all become very serious. They couldn’t remember the last time they had really had fun together.

By me engaging them in fun, nature based activities such as creating a relationship timeline using objects found in Nature, or planting their relationship vision and encouraging them to be more playful (see my Four Seasons Relationship Course for more information), the transformation between them was remarkable. They began laughing and smiling and couldn’t stop giggling! It was lovely to see something open up between them. Just like children; trusting, vulnerable, innocent. They were able to reconnect with each other through the pure joy of their inner children. There was so much lightness suddenly, after so much trouble and trauma.

So take time today to find something in Nature to reconnect yourself with that childish part of you. Roll on the grass, do a cartwheel, pick flowers. Do it with your partner. Laugh together and have fun! See what unfolds between you just from being open with each other in this new way.

Not sure where to start?

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Nature is full of light, just as a child is full of lightness. Your inner children are still inside of you and your partner, so let them come out to play together once in a while!

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