Love is a verb

Nature is constantly moving – it grows, changes, transforms, flows, vibrates, transitions, erupts, collides. It is always active.

Small, sometimes undecipherable or undetectable communications occur, at an atomic level, to initiate movement. Did you know, for example, that despite being in a state of bliss and safety in the womb, it is the unborn baby that initiates labour?

As part of Nature, we are programmed to be active!

So when our relationships feel stagnant, un-moving, unyielding, stuck, it can feel very unnatural. Many couples come to see me for Relationship Coaching at that point.

“The love just doesn’t seem to be there any more.”
“We’re just not as intimate as we once were”.
“We’ve lost that connection”.

Do you want to know what I tell these couples? It’s actually more simple than you’d think. I say:-

“Love each other”.
“Be intimate with each other”.
“Spend time connecting”.

Does this sound too obvious?

It might well seem obvious, but all too often in long term relationships, we come to expect the feelings of love, intimacy and connection to be there automatically, and assume that if the feelings are not there, we can’t do the things that make us feel more in love, intimate and connected.

But we actually need to consciously do the things that help us to feel connected to our partners every day, in order to allow those feelings to develop, or to maintain them.

  • What helps you to feel loved/in love? Is it physical closeness, reading to each other, having a romantic meal?
  • What helps you feel intimate? Is it physical touch, or open and honest communication?
  • What helps you feel connected? Is it making time for each other? Going for a walk in Nature? Spending quiet time away from the children every now and then?

By attending to the things that will help you to foster positive feelings in your relationship, you will notice that those feelings are allowed to surface, or reignite, or develop.

Remember – love is a verb!

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