New beginnings

Yesterday, walking through the fields at dawn, it struck me that I was experiencing the start of a brand-new day, which itself was full of other new beginnings; the first of a new month, September – heralding what will soon be the onset of a new season – Autumn. And also a new moon.

One of the things that Nature guarantees us, as it moves through all of its cycles, is new beginnings. And I thought about what a gift that is!

No matter what darkness we have endured in the night, we can always emerge in a new day, fresh and full of hope and promise.

And no matter what you have endured in your relationship, whatever darkness you might have experienced, or are yet to experience in the future, it is never too late to start again, fresh and new!

Nature reminds us of that it is normal to experience difficulties and darkness, and that we will always be given the opportunity to overcome our challenges.

So ask yourself – what do you feel needs refreshing or renewing in your relationship?

And then go and see if you and your partner can grasp the opportunity to make it happen!

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