Open yourself up to love!

All too often, we focus on what needs to happen, and don’t seem to notice or pay attention to the gifts of Nature all around us. We can take them for granted.

Just like we miss the sunset because we are busily making our way home on a packed train, or forget to go outside and look at the full moon because we are busy indoors with various chores. Around this time of year, many of us get up in the dark, and come home in the dark, barely venturing outside during the day.

We get caught up in the infinite distractions of the everyday.

And we take those distractions into our relationships, so that we become functional, sometimes losing the connection we once had with our partners. We take them for granted, and miss the gifts that our relationship has to offer; the moments of connection we can experience from eye contact, or physical contact, or through sharing our deeper emotions.

So take some time today to think about what makes you happy, and how you can bring that into your relationship.

  • Look at the World around you and connect with other people on your commute.
  • Go outside today and feel the wind on your face.
  • Admire the sunset rather than focusing on how slow the train is moving.
  • Come home to your partner, look at them, and tell them how much you appreciate them.
  • Go outside together and look at the moon and the stars – even if its raining!

Notice the positive effect this will have on your partner and those around you.

By opening yourself up to the World around you, to Nature, to your partner, is to open yourself up to love.

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Deepening your connection with Nature 🙂

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