Relationship Resilience – What Can Nature Teach Us?

In relationships, we can often feel very delicate or vulnerable. This is sometimes a natural consequence of being truly intimate with our partner. This can feel really tough sometimes because we are prone to feeling hurt.

And yet as a Relationship Coach, I know that many relationships are very resilient despite that fragility. When both partners are truly committed to the relationship, they will do whatever it takes to make it work, overcome adversity, deepen their bond, and take care of each other.

Nothing brought this home to me more than my experience in Nature yesterday.

I was on my daily morning walk in Nature with my dog Theo, as I turned into our local field, I stopped short.

In front of me, as far as I could see, and covering all the fields, was a blanket of scarlet on green, moving gently in the wind.

Poppies in field

I watched a shadow move across the floor as behind it, the sun shone through, spreading its rays and lighting up the grass and the poppies so that they were luminous.

It was truly awe-inspiring.

Particularly as it was only 3 weeks ago that I was walking across the same field and lamenting how the poppies were all being mown down by the local farmer.

Since then I have walked by this field most days, but it wasn’t until this moment, with the sun breaking through like that, that I realised that not only had all of the poppies grown back, but that there were more there than ever!

Poppies are very delicate. When I was a child I remember picking wild poppies and being disappointed that they never lasted beyond the end of my walk, the petals falling off within about 10 minutes. I was so disappointed because it was the petals that I loved so much, with their beautiful, vibrant colour.

Poppy varietiesAnd yet they are incredibly hardy flowers! There are so many different varieties, and they seem to grow anywhere – wherever they can – and quickly – even in ground or soil that’s unstable or constantly moving.

Poppies remind us that fragility and vulnerability in our relationships can be beautiful. And that fragility and vulnerability can co-exist with strength and resilience.

Can you relate to this? Have you and your partner overcome adversity through resilience and determination? Or perhaps this is something you struggle with? If so, do get in touch and I would be delighted to let you know how I can best help you with this.

And remember, just like a beautiful garden, you must tend to and maintain your relationship to feel it thrive!

Your Nature-Inspired Relationship Coach,

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