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Easter, also known as Pasch, is here. A religious celebration of the resurrection of Jesus Christ from the dead, Easter has also become a huge commercial holiday. Whether you are religious or not, for most of us, when we think of Easter and the period of time either side of it, lots of familiar imagery comes to mind. The Easter Bunny, Easter eggs, Easter bonnets, hot cross buns.

But I want to talk about a different type of resurrection this Easter.

Easter Pasque Flower

Wild Purple Pasqueflower. Early Spring Flower

After all, now it is officially Spring, many different plants and flowers are coming back to life. Daffodils, Primroses, Crocuses. There is even a particular flower, the pasque flower, which is known for blooming in early Spring and is suitably named after Easter (Pasch).

All these bursts of colour feel positive, hopeful, and FUN, after a long, cold winter.




One of my most vivid childhood memories of Easter was going out into the woods with my Dad and brothers to hunt for Easter eggs. Every year, I was led to believe that the Easter bunny, or the fairies, had hidden them there especially for me, and I would have to climb trees and scramble under fallen logs and bushes, breathing in the damp moss and scent of wood and earth, to find my treasure. Getting absolutely covered in mud and scratches from brambles, before my heart would leap with excitement at the sight of the coloured foil of a hidden surprise glinted back at me.

What I didn’t realise or appreciate until years later, was that my Dad had gone and hidden our Easter eggs in the woods, hours before he took us there to look for them.

And he taught us something so valuable that it still shapes who I am, and how I approach life, today. It was never just the Easter egg itself – the treasured prize – that excited us or filled us with joy.

It was the adventure, the thrill and the suspense of exploring our environment that made the end result of finding our treasure so much more rewarding.

The fact we had to use our creativity and problem solving skills to find our Easter eggs.

The fact that we had to use our imagination to guess where to look, and wonder how they might have got there.

Our Dad had created a magical experience for us.

And in that way, Easter meant so much more to us than it would have if we had just been given our Easter eggs.

The fact that we explored our environment using all our senses, crawling, climbing, scrambling, smelling, listening, looking, tasting, meant that we felt connected to the Earth, to Nature. We felt truly alive with joy and excitement.

When did you last feel that way? When did you last have that sense of magic in your relationship? Your life?

When did your heart last race with excitement and anticipation? When did you last really laugh and play and have FUN together, and forget the rest of the world, just for a moment?

…….or does something else always seem to get in the way?

If so, it’s really not the end of the world. It happens so often with couples. We spend so much time working, worrying, thinking about serious, adult concerns, that we can forget to have fun.

Simply take some time to take advantage of the long Easter weekend, to get back out in to Nature together. Have some fun!

It’s really not complicated, and to make it even easier for you, I have put together the following suggestions:-

  • Create your own Easter egg hunt! You can use Easter eggs, or any other small gifts that you can hide around the garden or your local woods or park for your partner to find.
  • Go camping! There’s nothing better than disconnecting from technology for a while and going back to basics, to re-balance you and remind you of your own true Nature.
  • Create a Nature collage together. Go for a walk with your partner and collect items from Nature that appeal to you for their colours, textures, smells, and them arrange them together at home by sticking them onto a piece of cardboard or paper, to make a memento of your walk.

Do something creative in Nature this Easter to resurrect the fun in your relationship. TWEET THIS

As for me? This Easter, I am going to hide myself away in a log cabin in the woods, just me, my partner, our dog, and Nature. No Wifi, no TV, no distractions.

Nothing else is needed except maybe a campfire, the moon and the stars.

I would love to hear your experience of following the above suggestions, and your own creative ideas, so please share them below in the comments!

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