Security Alert!

Every living being has the innate need to feel secure. We’re no different.

The animal instincts in us mean that we need to know we aren’t about to be eaten, that we have shelter, and that we’re not constantly under threat.

As human adults in current society, this often plays out in us finding a partner to settle down with,  making homes together/nesting, and creating a safe space for our family.

And in relationships, it’s about creating a safe space, filled with mutual respect, being reliable, demonstrating your commitment to each other, and feeling as though your relationship has solid roots.

Until this need is met, it can be virtually impossible for us to get any of our other needs met in our relationship.

How can you fulfill your need for intimate emotional connection, if you can’t trust your partner?

But a word of caution – feeling too safe in your relationship can lead to complacency. Are you taking each other for granted? Does your assumption that your partner will always be there mean that you no longer feel the need to be as attentive as you once were?

So ask yourself these questions:-

  • What makes you feel safe in your relationship?
  • Does your relationship feel too safe, and lack passion as a result?
  • Do you think your partner feels secure in your relationship?

If you want to explore this and other important needs in your relationship, why not contact me today for an informal discussion of how I can help you get your relationship needs met once and for all? Simply click on the button below to message me!


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