The art of patience

So you’ve created your relationship vision.

You’ve decided what you and your partner both need from your relationship.

You’ve taken that vision and you’ve planted it deep into the soil.

You’ve provided it with the right nutrition, you’ve watered it, nourished it, and thought about placing it in exactly the right place for the right amount of light.

Now what?

Every day, you tend to this vision. But nothing seems to be happening. You look at the soil every day, hoping to see some stirrings of growth.

Still nothing.

You’re getting impatient.

The changes you long to see in your relationship feel like they’re taking so long to manifest!

The thing is, what you can’t see is what’s happening underneath the surface.

The whole time that you and your partner are making small changes and adjustments in the way that you relate to each other, the whole time that you make this extra renewed effort, the roots are growing stronger and stronger as they absorb these nutrients and create a solid foundation for your relationship.

One day you wake up, and your heart leaps as you see the first green shoots break through.

  • And unexpected apology.
  • An acknowledgement.
  • A gesture of appreciation.
  • A gentle touch.
  • A listening ear.
  • A loving look.
  • A smile that comes from the eyes.
  • A tangible closeness.

You have hope for your relationship. You can start to see its potential.

This is not the time to become complacent. 

Take this renewed hope and focus even more time and attention on your relationship.

Be sensitive. Remain patient. These things take time.

But I promise you, the results will be worth it.

  • Do you and your partner have difficulty in understanding what your relationship needs in order to thrive?
  • Or perhaps you both know what your relationship needs, but are unsure how to cultivate it?
  • Perhaps you feel you lack the tools, or understanding of how to make it a reality?

If so, relationship coaching can provide just the right guidance on how to make your dreams a reality.

There are so many ways I can help you to do this, and I would be delighted to discuss your relationship needs with you, without obligation.

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