The Beauty of Conflict

There have been so many thunderstorms here over the past week, and I have been struck by the beauty of them. I love storms – there’s something exciting about them. Maybe its the electrical charge or tension in the atmosphere just beforehand, or the way everything has a slightly yellow hue. The building humidity and the anticipation building. Something is about to happen.

And then you see the first, distant flashes of lightning on the horizon, hear a low rumble of thunder. As it gets nearer the rain starts – a light spatter at first but then building, getting heavier, louder, deafening. The rainwater rushes along the gutters and bounces furiously off the pavement. The lightening now overhead is startling as it lights up the sky and forks across the sky like a split-second fracture. The thunder deafening and jolting. Counting the number of seconds between the lightning and thunder to work out how close the storm is. The sky heavy and dark.

And then the storm has passed, and the rays of the sun start to break through. Everything is still and quiet. The sky, still a heavy grey, is the perfect backdrop for the trees which are now a fluorescent green. The flowers and plants have such vibrant colours. The air feels so fresh. The rain has washed the ground. The smell of the still warm but rain-soaked earth. It’s as though after a storm everything is in HD.

This was my experience of yesterday’s storm, as I watched safely from my conservatory. Later I learned that many local areas were flooded and cars were stranded. Even the local swimming pool was underwater. Understandably, lots of other people did not have the same, positive experience of the storm that I did.

Nature can be destructive – even a reasonably small deluge can cause chaos – and yesterday in our small towns in Hertfordshire we witnessed just a tiny piece of that. And yet there is also a beauty in Nature’s destruction. And the beauty forms the balance.

Just as conflict in relationships can cause destruction, it can also create beauty and transformation if handled in the right way. It just needs the right perspective. For it to be recognised for its opportunity even through the difficult parts.

And to be handled with care. X

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