The Joy of Relationships


As it’s Valentines Weekend, where couples around the World will be celebrating their love for each other, I have been reflecting on  the joy of relationships, and why my role as a Relationship Coach is so important to the couples I help when things aren’t quite so harmonious.

A joyful, harmonious and healthy relationship is essential for our emotional, physical and psychological wellbeing. The feeling of being in love, being part of a team, and having a deep, romantic connection with our partner can make us feel more confident, productive and empowered. With our partner behind us, their support can make us feel like we can take on the World!

The early stages of a relationship can be some of the most exciting, passionate and uplifting experiences we can have. The initial rush of endorphins and pleasure can make our partners seem captivating to us, and thinking about them when we are apart can be all-consuming.

Stability or Struggle?

Often, when we begin to feel more secure in our relationship, we begin to allow our partners to see more of our true selves – the imperfections as well as the positives, the emotional ups as well as the downs. This is a natural and important phase in our relationship, enabling us to be authentic with each other. It can also be a time of uncertainty, and couples often have to make adjustments and compromises with each other to keep things harmonious. Some couples appear to sail through this effortlessly, while some couples struggle to make sense of what is happening and navigate their way through the obstacles.

Spark or Burnout?

And what happens when the first flushes of desire begin to settle down? What happens to the chemistry? Some couples seem to keep this spark ignited and the passion alive, and some couples find that the pressures of modern life, careers and children so challenging, that making time for each other stops being a priority and begin to drift apart. Sometimes we lose our way, and the closeness and intimacy we once felt for our partner can seem like it is just out of reach, or even a distant memory. In some cases we can veer off track so far that it can feel impossible to know how to restore our relationship to what it once was. Particularly if there have been significant challenges in the relationship. When our relationship suffers, it can affect every aspect of our lives and those of our families.

Empowered Couples

So we can be left wondering – what is the difference between the couples who can effectively problem solve in a loving way, and those who find themselves in conflict? Why are some couples able to keep the sensuality alive after years together while others are just trying to get through the day before collapsing with exhaustion in the evening, with little motivation for taking care of themselves, let alone their partner?

Reconnect and Rekindle

With guidance and coaching from an Expert Relationship Coach, you can learn how to reconnect with your partner and rekindle your relationship spark. You will realise that you do not have to sacrifice passion, joy and sensuality for stability. You can have everything you want from a relationship if you are prepared to put the work in. A Relationship Coach can help you to recognise the positive strengths in your relationship, and show you how these can be channeled into the areas of your relationship that need work. They will give you the tools to repair and rejuvenate through communication, intimacy and understanding. They will give you the map to enable you to get back on to the right path, decide where you are going together, and navigate around any obstacles that are in the way.

So enjoy yourselves this Valentines Day, honour your relationship and each-other, and don’t forget to ask for guidance if you need it!

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