The perfect imperfect

Go outside now, and find the perfect leaf. One with no discolouration, no marks, no curled edges.

Then go and find the perfect flower – all its petals intact, no wilting.

Then go and find a feather, with all it’s hairs intact, untainted by mud or dirt.

If you found this task difficult, or near impossible, it’s because everything in Nature is at the mercy of the elements, of life itself.

The truth is, we’re all bruised and battered in our own unique ways.

Does that mean we’re all imperfect? Damaged?

You could view it that way.

Or, you could see it as being exactly as it’s meant to be.

Because Nature is full of imperfections.

And the paradox is, Nature is perfect because it’s imperfect.

You are Nature. So embrace yours and your partner’s imperfections.

The only perfect you, is the you that is imperfect.

There is no perfect relationship, except the relationship that’s perfect for you.

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