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Sometimes, when things get on top of us, and we’re struggling with our relationships, it can feel hopeless – particularly at this time of year, when I always see a surge of new referrals for Relationship Coaching. Why?

Well, at this time of year, many people struggle with their mood, and find it difficult to be positive in their relationships. For many, Winter symbolises the death of things. The death of summer, of warm evenings, the early closure of the day. And when we think of the word “death”, it can conjure up so many negative associations.

But what’s really important to remember is that in Nature, death is not the end – it’s the beginning.

The trees have shed their leaves to make way for new life in the spring. The animals have hibernated to preserve energy over the winter so that they can emerge again in warmer weather. The birds may migrate to warmer climates, but they always come back. And Summer may feel like a distant memory, but before we know it the snow and ice will melt to reveal the green shoots of new life.

Death is a necessary part of the Natural cycle that brings new life. And how much better does spring feel when contrasted with the harshness of Winter?!

In divination, the Tarot card “Death” is rarely to be taken literally, rather, it symbolises change.

So when your relationship feels like an uphill struggle, remember that all struggles and challenges bring about change. And where there is change, there is always hope of better things to come.

Time to invest in your relationship!
If you’d like my help to manage the struggles in your relationship, withstand the harshest of Winters, and to help you and your partner to look forward to a more positive and joyful future full of light and love, my Oak Tree Coaching Package for couples could be just what you need!

Designed for couples who are in established, committed relationships, the Oak Tree Package is a 6-phase coaching programme which helps you and your partner to review and celebrate your relationship, honouring any significant milestones or challenges that you have faced, and imagine what the future might hold. Comprised of modules based on 3 roots and 3 branches essential to healthy relationships, you will learn how to create or renew your relationship vision, plant the seeds for the vision to grow roots, and how to tend to your relationship so that it can grow as healthy and strong as any Great Oak. And it can take place online or in person!

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