Time to shed

As the last leaves continue to fall from the trees, their branches left exposed to the elements, the landscape looks barren, exposed and vulnerable.

And yet, just as a snake sheds its skin, this process  is necessary for the renewal that will follow in the spring.

So as the days draw in, cast your thoughts inwards and consider what you need to shed in order to bring renewal and freshness to your relationship.

  • Could you let go of unhelpful, negative patterns of thinking, rooted in the past but which have no place in your current relationship?
  • Could you release old resentments from past arguments that have built up over time?
  • Could you relinquish communication styles that tend to trigger arguments?

The process of shedding can often leave us feeling vulnerable and exposed, as there is often comfort in the familiar – even the familiar that no longer serves us.

There is also the period of “not knowing” during the transition.

But if you trust in Nature and follow its example, you can then make way for the first green shoots of hope and vitality as the Spring of your relationship inevitably comes back around.

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