Want to achieve communion in your relationship?

Sometimes, we can feel disconnected from our partners. When that happens, it can feel as though they are coming from such a different place to us, that we struggle to understand them. It can seem as though they are a different species altogether.

If I told you that turning to a plant or animal help you to understand your partner more, would you question whether it could help, or think it is irrelevant? If so, perhaps you are feeling disconnected from nature too?

We are all part of nature. The energy/life force/spirit of nature is within every living thing, including you. It is this that all species share, that unites and connects us all.

Try sitting with a plant, or an animal if you have a pet, and think about the life force that you share. Think about all the ways in which you are similar. Then try this with your partner. Sit quietly together and just observe each other.

Feel each-others’ energy.

You will realise that despite your differences, you both have a similar life force, a variety of complex thoughts and feelings, and a longing to connect.

Building empathy in this way is the first step towards compassion and good communication. And it also brings about something deeper. A shared, intimate experience that needs no words.

A communion.

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