What are you trying to conquer in your relationship?

We all have obstacles to overcome in our relationships. Some bigger than others.

it can feel like
you have a mountain
to climb. Your problems
can feel too steep to traverse.
The ground beneath your feet feels
loose, jagged and unstable. The terrain
unforgiving, and the weather unpredictable.
Unprepared, It can feel dangerous, formidable.

But what if you changed your perspective?

What if your relationship was the mountain? Strong, solid, capable, and awe-inspiring?

And reaching the summit together felt like more of a challenge that you both entered into willingly and intentionally?

And because the mountain was made up of you and your partner as core, component parts, the quest for the peak was part of a deep, internal climb?

As with any expedition into unknown territory, we need preparation, awareness, the right equipment, and a guide. And clear communication is essential for our survival.

Don’t set out alone and unprepared. Communication is at the very core of my Compassionate Conflict for Couples┬ácourse. So click on the link below and let your journey begin.

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Because, as we know, love conquers all.

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