What do you need to focus on in your relationship?

One of my favourite gifts from nature has to be the amazing variety of beautiful crystals that form from the earth. Such a range of colours and formations, they are made up of minerals, many of which are essential for a nutrition. It’s also said that crystals have many different healing properties, and that quartz crystals in particular hold the power to help you to focus. That they can help you to find clarity, which is interesting considering we often use the phrase “crystal clear”.

It makes me think about how, when things aren’t going quite so well in our relationships, often what we need to get back on track again is a clear focus on those elements that need a bit more care and attention.

I firmly believe that where you set your intention is where you send your attention. If you and your partner both acknowledge, for example, that you need to spend more quality time together, and set an intention to make that happen, you start to focus your attention in that direction, by being conscious of doing things together and being more aware of when you haven’t.

If you both set an intention to communicate more effectively, you are more likely to focus your attention on how you speak to each other, and notice when your communication slips and is no longer as effective.

By deciding what is important in your relationship, and setting an intention to achieve that, you can then focus your attention on manifesting what you want from your relationship.

Anything you want in life requires first your intention, and then your attention.

So try the following with your partner: –

  1. Ask yourselves – what do you want to be different in your relationship? What could you be doing better? Is there anything you feel you could be doing more or less of?
  2. Set a clear relationship intention together and write it down. Make it achievable and measurable, so that you can know with certainty whether you have achieved it or not. For example, rather than setting an intention to both feel happier in your relationship, decide instead what would help you to feel happier I.e. improved communication, and set an intention to spend 30 minutes a day communicating.
  3. Focus on your intention daily and give it your attention.

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