What Does The Equinox Mean for Your Relationship?

Spring arrives today, with the vernal equinox. Pagans everywhere will be celebrating with rituals and festivities, and others will be simply looking forward to longer days, shorter nights and warmer weather.
I’ve been thinking about what the equinox can teach us about relationships, and how we can honour and celebrate this positive and hopeful time of year with our partners. I’ve put together some of these thoughts for you below, so that you can enjoy the spirit of the equinox with your partner:-
  1. Equinox is Latin for “equal night”. Meaning that during the equinox there are equal amounts of daylight and darkness. There is balance. Think about balance in terms of your own relationship. Are there areas of imbalance? For example, do you give each other equal say in important decisions? Do you each listen to each other or does one of you tend to do most of the talking? Which areas could feel more balanced and what can you to to redress that balance? And remember, balance doesn’t mean sameness. To achieve balance is to recognise opposites as necessary and complimentary, and to find a way of meeting in the middle. Which means that in relationships, you don’t always have to agree with each other. Balance can be achieved by meeting in the middle.
  2. From here onwards, days start to get longer, and nights shorter, with more available daylight hours. Sometimes it can feel like we have been given the gift of time from Nature. It seems that we can do more, fit more into the day, spend time outdoors more easily. Try to capture that feeling of extra time in your relationship. Ask yourselves how you could enhance your relationship if you were given an extra hour every day. What would you do? And then ask yourselves what’s really stopping you from doing that now.
  3. As we head into summer, we start to look forward to warmer weather, lazy days, and can almost smell the barbecues. But the reality is, it can stay quite cold for weeks, before we really start to experience warmer weather and sunshine. And for those of us in the UK we know that even that’s unpredictable! So, we need to stay patient. Summer will come when it comes, and not before! So think about where you could be more patient with your partner. Could you start by accepting certain aspects of their personality that have bothered you previously, as just part of their individual uniqueness? Can you accommodate them more? For example, if your partner always takes forever to get ready to go out, meaning you’re often late and end up bickering, could you factor this in to your schedule, aim to be ready an hour before you have to leave, or offer to help them get ready?

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