What does your relationship mean to you?

As individuals, we have a need for meaning and purpose. A sense that we are stretching ourselves, going somewhere, that it all means something at the end of the day. That there’s something beyond our immediate sphere that we are reaching for.

We need a little bit of stress or challenge in our lives, to push us on. Without this, we can feel like our lives are pointless.

Some people achieve meaning and purpose through religion, children, work, community.

Have you thought about your own sense of meaning and purpose? How do you stretch yourself? Or is it time you did?

Where are you heading? What goals have you set for yourself?

And importantly – what role does your relationship play in your own meaning and purpose?

This is where having shared goals as a couple is vital.

You can recognise and experience achievements.

And you experience these together. You can feel more bonded.

So ask yourselves:-

  • What really matters to each of you?
  • Do you feel bored in your relationship?
  • Do you have a clear vision of where you both want to be in the next 5 to 10 years?

Having a shared vision for your relationship, knowing the direction you are heading in, and the journey you are taking, means that you live your life and your relationship on purpose.

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