What the Winter Solstice means for your relationship

Today marks the Winter Solstice – the mid-point of Winter. Today is also the shortest day and the longest night. From here-on, the days get longer and the nights get shorter as we start a new cycle, and more light comes in.

Just like the snow seems to mute and muffle all sound, now’s a great time to be still and dormant. To review how your relationship has been over the past year. To help you do this, sit down with your partner and try answering the following questions.

This past year:-

  • What are the most important lessons we have learned?
  • What have we accomplished as a couple?
  • What do we want to manifest for the next year?


  • What are we grateful for?

Going forward:-

  • What possibilities might we have for the next year?
  • What potential do we have as a couple?
  • What is our relationship vision?

Really allow yourselves to dream and use your imagination and creativity.

After all, only you can decide what kind of relationship you want to have.

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