What volcanoes teach us about volatility

There’s something unsettling about volcanoes. The fact that they could erupt at any time without warning, despite our best efforts to predict them.

When they do erupt, the results can be devastating. Whole towns can, and have, been wiped out.

And yet, there is something exciting and awe-inspiring about them too. Their sheer force is unstoppable, mesmerising to watch, and more powerful than anything we could possibly control.

And volcanoes aren’t completely destructive. In some cases, the lava runs into the sea and cools, creating new land.

Things aren’t always predictable in relationships either. There will be unexpected emotional eruptions, when we shout or say things we don’t mean. These usually occur when we feel passionate about something, and although these are eruptions can be challenging, they also mean that we care.

My Compassionate Conflict for Couples course can help you to harness your inner passion, and channel it in ways that, rather than being destructive, can forge new terrain in your relationship, so that you get the best of both worlds!

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