When conflict is a blessing!

I adore rainbows! I saw one yesterday, after rainfall. The colours were even more vibrant than usual as they stood out against the dark grey cloud behind it.

We often see rainbows after a storm, brought out by the sunlight that breaks through the clouds. They appear like a celebration of the storm having passed, showing that something beautiful can be created in its wake. Rainbows often symbolise magic and blessings, probably for this reason.

This is how I feel about conflict.

It can feel dark, chaotic, cold and frightening. But if navigated well, with you and your partner able to shield yourself from the potential for unnecessary, harsh elements, communicating compassionately and respectfully, it can pass through with both of you having reached a peaceful resolution. With the gift of both of you having moved closer together – rather than having allowed the storm to pull you apart.

Of course it may not feel like that for you at the moment. It might be hard for you to imagine getting to a place in your relationship where you can resolve conflict healthily – let alone see it as a blessing! As a Relationship Coach I completely understand that. Sometimes in life you just need the right guidance, at the right time. And I have helped hundreds of couples move through conflict in ways that have strengthened and transformed their relationships!

Want to know how to turn conflict into a blessing? Then the Compassionate Conflict for Couples Course is for you, as it will give you all essential tools and techniques that you need to begin communicating more effectively, without arguing, blaming, or going into attack and defense mode! Not only will you learn to resolve conflict skilfully, you will grow closer as a result! Click the link below for further information.

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