Your relationship is a beautiful garden

Imagine your relationship is a beautiful garden. At the beginning of your relationship, the weather is warm and you choose seeds and bulbs and flowers to plant together in an arrangement that you both like, getting to know each other through the process. You tend to it, water it, prune and maintain it, and when all the initial work is done and you start to see it flourish, you sit in it together, smiling, basking in its light and full of admiration for all that you have put in to it together.

Then you get busy with work, a few unexpected financial pressures, family commitments, children. You forget about the garden. It’s the least of your concerns. It’s getting a bit overgrown but it’s Winter now so you don’t need to spend so much time in it anyway.

By the time you go back to it in Spring, you’re shocked. Weeds have taken over. Plants and flowers have died. Brambles tangle themselves around everything and removing them is painful. The grass is knee-high. It feels like a neglected mess. You don’t know where to start. You call in a professional because you can’t face it.

I help so many couples at this point in their relationship. And seeking help when you are not coping is absolutely the right thing to do. But it’s also so much harder than if you had maintained your garden throughout the year.

Had you spent time in your garden throughout the year, and taken the time to enjoy it, planting seasonal fruit and vegetables, raking up the gorgeous Autumn leaves, lighting bonfires, picking berries, feeding the birds, you would have noticed the weeds growing. And you probably would have done something about it. And it wouldn’t have taken much time or effort back then. The rest of your time would have remained free to enjoy your garden.

But it’s never too late to start gardening. And it’s never too late to start working on your relationship. If you put the time in even when things are going well – in fact – especially when things are going well – you can watch it thrive!

This is where I can help you. I wholeheartedly believe that Relationship Coaching is an ongoing process throughout the life of the relationship. And I also believe that Nature can be your Relationship Coach. And you have lifelong access to Nature.

If you feel as though your relationship is a little neglected, a bit of a tangled mess, and you don’t know where to start, a really good place is with the basics of good communication. If you would like my guidance with this, CLICK HERE to download your FREE Communication Guide for Couples, giving you the key communication skills and principles needed to talk in a calm and respectful way.

Or you might want to sign up for my FREE Four Seasons Relationship Course. Delivered via videos and worksheets over 4 weeks, and perfect for any time of the year, you will learn how to reconnect with your partner more deeply, using the principles of the four seasons of Spring, Summer, Autumn and Winter, as a guide.

So remember, maintain and tend to your relationship to watch it thrive!

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