A grounded relationship

One of the things I love about trees is how grounded they are.

They are always growing and expanding, striving to wards the light. And rather than allowing that constant reaching upwards to unbalance them, they allow their roots to grow at the same time, anchoring them even more to the Earth.

Their growth is not at the expense of their stability. They know they cannot achieve one without the other.

As a living thing, your relationship will grow as you and your partner grow as individuals. But without a strong foundation, this can feel unsettling, threatening, even.

But with a sound root system, you can achieve whatever you want.

Here is an exercise to practice together, to make you feel instantly more grounded in your relationship: –

  • Go out into nature together, and find a tree if you can.
  • Stand under it, facing each other, and embrace.
  • Close your eyes and focus on your breathing. Try to take long deep breaths and see if you can synchronise your breathing with your partner’s.
  • As you inhale, imagine your legs as roots, drawing up nutrients from the Earth into both of your hearts.
  • As you exhale, imagine your breath moving down your legs and into the Earth, with roots growing from your feet and extending into the ground.
  • As you imagine these roots growing, pictures them entwining with your partner’s roots, anchoring you both to the ground.
  • Finally, open your eyes, and share your experience with your partner.

If you enjoyed this exercise, I would love to hear from you – just post your experiences in the comments below.

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Deepening your connection with Nature 🙂

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