A Thank You Letter to My Clients – Past, Present and Future!

In all my years as a Relationship Coach, I have been extremely privileged to have helped hundreds of couples with their most personal and intimate relationship issues.

So I write this as a thank you letter to you –  either as my past client,  as my current client, or as my future client.

I am privileged that you trust in me to guide and support you in your relationship when you are at your most vulnerable. That you have allowed me to give you hope for your relationship when sometimes you have wondered whether there is any hope.

I am honoured that you – a caring, successful, compassionate, intelligent and ambitious person yourself, whom I admire enormously, turn to ME for guidance and support in your relationship.

As my client I am often in awe of your strength, and humbled by the love that you and your partner feel for each other. At your commitment and dedication to putting the time and care and effort in to your relationship, even when things are difficult. That you realise that doing so every day keeps your partner and therefore your relationship nurtured, cared for, and well tended-to, allowing you and your partner and your relationship to thrive as a result, like a beautiful garden.

It is a blessing that you and your partner take me on your relationship journey with you – a privilege that I hold as sacred.

I want to extend my deepest gratitude to you, for enabling me to live my life’s purpose; to help couples like you everywhere to reconnect with Nature, yourself and your partner, to deepen and strengthen your relationship using Nature as an inspiration and guide.

For enabling me to immerse myself in Nature, to reconnect with Nature – and therefore myself – every single day.

Learning through you, my client, as I go on this journey with you. Alongside you.

When I see you overcoming adversity in your relationship and come out stronger as a result, I am inspired and motivated to help even more couples like you.

When you come back for further support and guidance time and time again, it shows me how much you value this process, how much you believe in it, knowing and trusting that my door always remains open to you.

You have given me the biggest gift possible, and in return I pledge my 100% commitment to helping you to have the best possible, Nature-inspired relationship that you can have. For as long as you need me. After all, we know that relationships are lifelong journeys!

For those of you who are my future clients, I am grateful for the possibility of working with you! I am so excited at the prospect of us getting to know each other!

I continue to commit to helping you in your relationship in any way I can. All you have to do is ask. I am here for you.


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Your Nature Inspired Relationship Coach. X

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