Krystal Woodbridge Relationship Coach


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My area of expertise is to empower and motivate couples to have the most joyful relationships possible, to feel safe enough to experience emotional freedom and intimacy, and to feel confident enough to foster a deep, loving understanding of each other. I enable couples in long term, committed relationships to awaken, enhance and rejuvenate their connection.

Many couples struggle with a lack of intimacy in their relationships. This can range from a lack of emotional intimacy and generally not opening up to each other, a decline in open displays of affection, and reduced sexual intimacy. My extensive experience as a Psychosexual Therapist enables me to help couples to quickly get to the heart of the problem and understand the meaning of any conflict or blocks to intimacy, rather than focusing on blame. I believes that this is vital in helping a couple to empathise with each other, move forward and transform their relationship.  It is for this reason that I motivate couples early-on in the process to agree on and set their own relationship goals, which determine the focus of the work.  I believe it is essential that couples decide for themselves what it is they want to achieve. Sometimes couples are not always clear about this at first, which is where my skillful facilitation can help to guide the process.

A strong focus of the work is on enhancing the couple’s communication, giving them the confidence to negotiate differences so that rather than fearing conflict, they view conflict as a potential for further connection and growth. Communication becomes the bridge by which couples feel inspired to re-establish intimacy, and through my sensitive guidance, can begin to re-awaken their sexual relationship.

Krystal’s Qualifications/Experience

  • Qualified Psychosexual and Relationship Therapist
  • Trustee of the College of Sexual and Relationship Therapists
  • Qualified, Registered Adult Nurse (RN)
  • Clinical Supervisor
  • Certificate in Using Nature as a Co-Therapist – Keele University
  • Previous Columnist for Coach Magazine

  • OCST 1 Online Counselling Skills Certificate (with Credit)