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This morning, as I was walking up a steep hill, walking against a blustery, Autumn wind, I was thinking about how Nature really activates our senses. I could smell the damp earth and leaves, feel the crunch of conkers underfoot and the cold wind on my face, hear the wind rustling in the trees, and as I reached the summit of the hill, I could see the fields stretched out for miles before me, covered in mist.

In that moment I felt truly energised.

It’s often after spending time in Nature like this, that I can come back to my office feeling more inspired and motivated to tackle the day ahead.

Sometimes in relationships we can feel as though things are a little tense, stale, or flat. We can feel stuck in a rut or de-motivated. If you think about the atmosphere when there is no movement or wind, it can feel quite tense or heavy.

The key to breaking out of this stuckness is activation. Doing something together with your partner that moves you. anything that engages your senses and which you wouldn’t normally do, or haven’t done together for a long time.

Some examples of this could be:-

  • Going for a walk together
  • Visiting an art gallery
  • Having a romantic meal together
  • Taking a bath or shower together

Shaking off the cobwebs can really help you to take a fresh look at your relationship.

Need my 1:1 guidance on how to activate and breathe new life into your relationship? Then why not contact me to discuss my Oak Tree Coaching Package for Couples! Designed for couples who are in established, committed relationships, the Oak Tree Package is a 6-phase coaching programme which helps you and your partner to review and celebrate your relationship, honouring any significant milestones or challenges that you have faced, and imagine what the future might hold. Comprised of modules based on 3 roots and 3 branches essential to healthy relationships, you will learn how to create or renew your relationship vision, plant the seeds for the vision to grow roots, and how to tend to your relationship so that it can grow as healthy and strong as any Great Oak. And it can take place online or in person!

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