Can’t see the wood for the trees?

  • Do you and your partner argue or bicker over seemingly small things?
  • Do you sometimes argue and then afterwards feel it was pointless?
  • That it didn’t get you anywhere?

It could mean that you’ve lost perspective on your relationship.

We can get so stuck in our own individual bubbles sometimes, that we find ourselves trying to micro-manage our partner’s behaviours, and even their moods. We get so bitterly disappointed when they don’t see our point of view that what seemed like a small annoyance or “bump” at first becomes a mountain.

The thing is, if you feel stuck in your relationship, it probably means that you are the one who needs a different perspective. To try looking at it from a different angle, and to listen to what your partner has to say on the matter.

It’s challenging to do this without feeling threatened, as we don’t want to feel that in doing so we have to let our own reality go.

But the truth is, some of the most amazing, life-changing things you will ever learn, require a paradigm shift.

So stand back, try to see the wood for the trees, listen to your partner.

You might learn something precious.

Sometimes, having the guidance of a Relationship Coach can help you to put things in perspective, as I can offer an expert, objective opinion which takes in both of your perspectives into account, and can offer you alternative perspectives too. If you’d like my help and guidance, contact me by clicking on the button below, and let me tell you all about my tailored Relationship Coaching Packages!


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